Advisory Services

We advise clients across the broad spectrum of managing their most valuable asset – people

Meritarc’s Solutions

We apply HR strategies that outperform the expectations of your workforce, and strengthen your competitive advantage. Our results are always business outcome driven, and our clients experience us as business people who know HR really, really well.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Drive a diversified workforce with equitable and transparent practices that encourage an authentic culture of belonging

Total Rewards

Design compelling and cost-effective employee value propositions to inspire first-rate performance and outcomes from your employees

Talent Management

Attract and develop a diverse bench of leaders that secure your company’s future

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We’re setting a new standard for advancing DEI and leadership development strategies

Organizations that facilitate inclusion are more innovative, productive, and generate more revenue. Activate your organization’s unique opportunities to align culture, process, and programs to maximize your firm’s investment in your people.

DEI Advisory Services

DEI Needs Assessment

Obtain a data-driven understanding of how inclusive your organization is and areas for improvement

DEI Leadership Development

Design strategies & toolkits that will increase leadership representation across diversity dimensions

DEI Strategy Development

Align DEI goals to business objectives and meaningfully measure and monitor progress

Pay & Rewards Equity Review

Assess pay and health outcomes to identify where inequities may exist and apply methods of remediation

DEI Training & Workshops

Upskill employees with a shared understanding of DEI concepts and best practices to enhance a culture of belonging

Total Rewards

We help firms convert rewards from costs to be managed into strategic levers to propel the firm forward

Our programs balance an unparalleled understanding of best market practices with a deep understanding of each client’s unique challenges to provide customized, market-informed solutions.

Total Rewards Advisory Services

Total Rewards Strategy

Keep your reward strategy aligned with your business strategy by offering programs that recognize the diverse needs of the top talent you want to recruit and retain

Compensation Plan Design

Align business objectives and employee pay through salary, bonus and long-term plan designs

Job Architecture

Create a foundation for managing human capital that drives engagement through clarity and equity

Executive Compensation

Implement a compensation strategy that motivates leaders to manage effectively and achieve business objectives

Talent Management

Displace the competition by acquiring and retaining a diverse bench of talent that will secure your company’s future

We’re replacing the status quo with strategies that favor role clarity, outcome-based performance feedback and reliable & motivating roadmaps for the future.

Talent Management Advisory Services

Job Architecture

Create a foundation for managing human capital that drives engagement through clarity and equity

Succession Planning

Design a roadmap of successors for critical roles, along with identifying key areas of development to future-proof your firm

Competency Models

Create a consistent set of expected capabilities across the firm to accelerate leadership development, career growth, and internal mobility

Career Paths

Grow and retain high-performing talent by providing clear pathways to contribution and recognition

Promotion Criteria

Implement equitable promotion processes through unbiased decision-making & a shared understanding of expectations