Advance Career Pathing

Enhance internal mobility, promotion processes and succession plans with distinct competencies across different proficiency levels

We understand the Challenges

We know viable promotions plans aren’t based on anecdotal feedback – how can we design an objective and transparent process?

We want to achieve equity, but we don’t know where to begin – how can we employ competencies as a strategic lever to better assess our people?

We want to upskill our managers to be more effective – how can we easily identify the gaps so we can target the right development needs?

Digital Solutions

Competency Model

Create a gold standard of capabilities across your firm in an objective and transparent way

Customize the way your organization assesses employees and candidates with a library of key competencies, a skilled assessment tool and real-time gap analysis. With Meritarc’s Competency Model, your organization can accelerate leadership development, succession/promotion planning, internal mobility, with transparency and precision.

Library of Competencies
Select from a curated library of content-rich competencies that best align to your firm’s unique needs
Proficiency Levels
Meritarc provides eight differentiated proficiency descriptions for each competency for accelerating career pathing, promotion processes and feedback quality

Unique tool that facilitates candidate comparison, promotion panel reviews, succession planning and talent gap analysis

Advisory Solutions

We apply HR strategies that outperform the expectations of your workforce, and strengthen your competitive advantage. Our results are always business outcome driven, and our clients experience us as business people who know HR really, really well.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Drive a diversified workforce with equitable and transparent practices that encourage an authentic culture of belonging


Total Rewards

Design compelling and cost-effective employee value propositions to inspire first-rate performance and outcomes from your employees


Talent Management

Attract and develop a diverse bench of leaders that secure your company’s future through customized, market-informed solutions