Empower Data-Driven Decision Making

Inform decision-making through board-level analytics that merge pay for performance, risk, and DEI data into a single lens

We understand the Challenges

Vast amounts of information goes unused – how do we integrate disparate data into the people analytics we need to drive business outcomes?

We struggle to capture and measure key trends – how can we unify and automate intel to empower data-driven and future-focused decisions?

Digital Solutions


Access real-time data dashboards and reporting packs to monitor performance and drive responsive business objectives

Powered by Meritarc’s proprietary Job Architecture framework, the Analytics module aggregates data across our platform that summarizes pay for performance, risk and culture, and DEI statistics into a single source. Automate board-level analytics that drive informed discussions and decision-making.

Advisory Solutions

We apply HR strategies that outperform the expectations of your workforce, and strengthen your competitive advantage. Our results are always business outcome driven, and our clients experience us as business people who know HR really, really well.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Drive a diversified workforce with equitable and transparent practices that encourage an authentic culture of belonging


Total Rewards

Design compelling and cost-effective employee value propositions to inspire first-rate performance and outcomes from your employees


Talent Management

Attract and develop a diverse bench of leaders that secure your company’s future through customized, market-informed solutions