Next Generation HR Solutions

At Meritarc, we’ve designed tools that drive a modern workforce, maximize time spent and deliver exceptional business outcomes

Meet the Team

Our team is an inspired group of problem solvers with distinctly unique business perspectives. We advise clients across the broad spectrum of managing their most valuable asset – people.

Our Vision

People are often the greatest cost of doing business yet most firms only realize a fraction of their value. By creating a shared understanding of careers, objectives and pay, we help firms realize this value.

Our Values

Client Centricity

Take action and make decisions while prioritizing how well it serves the client. Go beyond delivering what works and aim for what captivates and exceeds client expectations.


Continuously study, question, explore and experiment in order to learn from different perspectives. Dispense freedom and operate with the courage to think, learn and create without bias or limitation.


Make bold but balanced decisions to keep building success. Exhibit passion for individual and collective improvement through constant growth. Take charge and act like an owner rather than an individual contributor.


Welcome tough problems and new challenges without defaulting to a state of complacency or a pattern of “good enough.” Consistently chase extraordinary solutions and outcomes.


Challenge assumptions, outdated approaches and traditions to generate and support novel, progressive and bold thinking in pursuit of new insights and discoveries.