The Meritarc Platform

Our HR system intelligently aligns strategy, risk and culture in a way that’s never been done before

Job Catalogue

A curated list of positions that match your firm, grouped in a logical hierarchy, prepopulated and easy to add, edit or remove – to fit your organizations exact needs

Position Descriptions

Search over 4,000 high-grade position descriptions – each position includes industry-specific objectives for every role at three levels of seniority, expected behaviours and risks

Goal Library

Thousands of industry-specific goals for roles that match your firm, each goal provided at three levels of seniority

Job Architecture

The cornerstone of the Meritarc platform that organizes your workforce into a logical hierarchy, generates plug-and-play job descriptions, and enhances all of our digital offerings

Job Catalogue | Position Descriptions | Goal Library

Performance Management

A centralized environment to give and receive feedback through multiple channels including goal setting, annual reviews, 360 surveys and monthly manager polling

Performance Reviews | 360 Surveys | Manager Polling

Performance Reviews

An end-to-end performance review system aligning role-based objectives with firm strategy and culture

Manager Polling

A user-friendly tool for managers to provide employee feedback regarding strengths, opportunities, and performance goals on a frequent basis

360 Surveys

Capture multi-rater feedback, leveraging a library of role-specific questions for easy survey customization

Risk Catalogue

A proprietary catalogue of risks, KPIs and role accountabilities that is customizable based on each firms’ risk appetite

Risk Visualization

A cutting-edge tool that allows Risk and HR to view the allocation, concentration, and alignment of people to the firms’ risk expsoures

Risk Reporting

Effortlessly produce shareholder, regulator and risk leadership reporting with summaries around risk exposure, staffing and accountability

Risk Architecture

A framework that connects your positions with role-specific risks, associated goals, and clear accountabilities, enabling you to weight, analyze, and report on risk across teams and roles

Risk Catalogue | Risk Vizualization | Risk Reporting

Competency Model

A robust set of competencies described at eight levels of proficiency, designed to assess and develop talent with ease, including real time gap analysis visualizations

Competencies | Proficiency Levels | Assessments


Select from a curated library of content-rich competencies that best align to your firm’s unique needs


Unique tool that facilitates candidate comparison, promotion panel reviews, succession planning and talent gap analysis

Proficiency Levels

Meritarc provides eight differentiated proficiency descriptions for each competency for accelerating career pathing, promotion processes and feedback quality

We’ve created flexible solutions that can run independently, break into freestanding product plugins, and easily integrate with existing HR systems

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Extended Capabilities

The Meritarc platform offers intelligent features that intersect at your organization’s most critical junctures. Dive deeper with offerings that enhance all of our platform features, for a truly next gen integration.

Corporate Strategy

Create a shared understanding of strategic initiatives through position-specific tactics and measurable, individual contributions


Culture & Values

Establish and measure expected employee behaviors that demonstrate your company values, across seniority levels



Inform decision-making through board-level analytics that merge pay for performance, risk, and DEI data into a single lens