Measure & Manage Performance

Bolster high performance from your entire workforce with a shared understanding of goals, expectations, and transparency

We understand the Challenges

Our goal-setting process takes up a ton of time – how can we enable dynamic action and employee clarity year round?

Our managers don’t manage well – how do we help them set & manage goals for each role to enable better team results?

How can we deliver a pay-for- performance culture that is taken seriously and measured holistically?

Digital Solutions

Performance Management

Set, track, and analyze performance faster, and through the right connections across your organization

Complete goal setting, annual reviews, 360 surveys, and monthly manager polling within Meritarc’s Performance Management module. When paired with additional digital offerings, managers can deploy role-based objectives, risk management goals, and corporate strategic initiatives. Give and receive feedback through multiple channels, improve accountability and enhance performance.

Performance Reviews
An end-to-end performance review system aligning role-based objectives with firm strategy and culture
360 Surveys
Capture multi-rater feedback, leveraging a library of role-specific questions for easy survey customization
Manager Polling
A user-friendly tool for managers to provide employee feedback regarding strengths, opportunities, and performance goals on a frequent basis

Advisory Solutions

We apply HR strategies that outperform the expectations of your workforce, and strengthen your competitive advantage. Our results are always business outcome driven, and our clients experience us as business people who know HR really, really well.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Drive a diversified workforce with equitable and transparent practices that encourage an authentic culture of belonging


Total Rewards

Design compelling and cost-effective employee value propositions to inspire first-rate performance and outcomes from your employees


Talent Management

Attract and develop a diverse bench of leaders that secure your company’s future through customized, market-informed solutions