Recruit & Retain Top Talent

Develop your company’s future, protect your most critical positions and retain your high performers

We understand the Challenges

We reinvent the wheel every time we have a vacancy – why don’t we have a comprehensive library of position descriptions?

People feel a lack of clarity around their job expectations – how can we create clear and measurable goals for our employees?

Employees want to understand future career tracks – how do we clearly articulate these pathways in our firm?

Digital Solutions

Job Architecture

​​Create a straightforward and enduring link between your workforce and business outcomes

The Job Architecture module is the central hub that enables you to advance and simplify career pathing, accelerate recruiting efforts, deliver objective promotion criteria, improve pay equity, and so much more. An intuitive framework for title structures, a job catalog, position descriptions, and a library of goals is a cost savings game-changer.

Job Catalogue

A curated list of positions that match your firm, grouped in a logical hierarchy, prepopulated and easy to add, edit or remove – to fit your organizations exact needs

Position Descriptions

Search over 4,000 high-grade position descriptions – each position includes industry-specific objectives for every role at three levels of seniority, expected behaviours and risks

Goal Library

Thousands of industry-specific goals for roles that match your firm, each goal provided at three levels of seniority

Advisory Solutions

We apply HR strategies that outperform the expectations of your workforce, and strengthen your competitive advantage. Our results are always business outcome driven, and our clients experience us as business people who know HR really, really well.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Drive a diversified workforce with equitable and transparent practices that encourage an authentic culture of belonging


Total Rewards

Design compelling and cost-effective employee value propositions to inspire first-rate performance and outcomes from your employees


Talent Management

Attract and develop a diverse bench of leaders that secure your company’s future through customized, market-informed solutions